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Seeking property finance can be a long and arduous task. However, with Invest & Fund you can expect to receive quick decisions, competitive pricing and a high degree of transparency throughout the entire loan process. We specialise in residential development and, as a team, have over 100 years’ experience across various aspects of property transactions. We act as agents for Invest & Fund approved Lenders. Our primary focus is on arranging funding for property development transactions between £150,000 and £5,000,000 by establishing development and bridging facilities. Should you wish to know more, please explore our website or contact one of our Applications team who will be more than happy to help.

Loan Types

Development Finance/Facilities/Funding/Loans

Ideal for the construction of new-builds or the development of property for single or multiple dwelling. Partial funding towards the purchase of the land or property is also available as part of the facility.

New Build Loans

If you wish to build a new property, then a new-build loan can help finance the development costs including the land purchase, construction costs and most associated fees.

(Existing Property) Development Loans

Development facilities are great for assisting those who see the huge potential in developing an existing property. They offer finance towards costs associated with a development including the initial property purchase itself, the construction work, and most relevant fees.

Bridging Finance/Facilities/Funding/Loans

Ideal for the purchase and/or refurbishment of a property as well as being able to refinance another facility or provide an equity release to assist with a future purchase.



Typically, we would expect to take a first legal charge over the property you intend to purchase and/or develop however, second legal charges may be accepted in certain situations.

If you are a company and seeking to borrow funds, we will normally seek a debenture along with a limited capital guarantee to support your loan application.

For development projects, a limited cost overrun guarantee may be required as well.


Loan to Value – We accept loans of up to 75% of the Value of the property on a first charge basis (60% on second charges). The value will be obtained by our panel-approved Valuer.

Loan to Gross Development Value – We accept loans of up to 65% of the Gross Development Value obtained by our panel-approved Valuer.

Loan to Costs – We accept loans of up to 75% of the total costs of the development with the expectation that the full cash stake is introduced up front.


If you are developing a property, then we shall require copies of your building plans and contracts along with all relevant insurance policies and planning permissions.

A statement of assets and liabilities may be required to support any individual borrowing or personal guarantees offered in relation to a company loan. Companies will be required to submit their recent annual accounts.


All fees will be clearly set out to you in the Indicative Terms and Loan Contract and generally include legal, valuation, and surveying fees. There will be no hidden costs.

Click here for details of our fees.


Stage 1

Once you’ve completed your registration with us you will be able to submit a loan application using our online service. Alternatively, you may wish to use one of our Affiliates who will be able to contact us directly with your application. One of our experienced Originators will be in touch very shortly after to discuss your needs and outline how we can help you with your property.

Stage 2

Invest & Fund will then perform all required due diligence and anti-money laundering checks and our Originator will meet with you on site to help progress your application. Following satisfactory completion of this, a set of Indicative Terms will be sent to you for review.

Stage 3

Once you accept the Indicative Terms and we receive all relevant fees from you we shall then instruct our panel-approved third parties to carry out their services. A valuer will inspect the property in order to obtain a current and estimated future value of the property and, should you require development finance, a surveyor will carry out an initial survey of the property and assess any proposed works.

Stage 4

Once approved by us, we shall issue a facility letter which will set out all the key terms of our proposal. This should be read carefully to ensure you are aware and understanding of your and our obligations. Once signed, our solicitors will work to secure any charges offered by you, will perform all relevant searches and undertake any other work required. This process usually takes 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity of the facility.

Stage 5

As legal due diligence nears completion your Loan Request will be placed on our Lending Marketplace for a period of 10 days in order to attract funding from our registered Lenders. At the end of the auction if the loan has been fully subscribed, and, subject to final credit approval, we shall notify you that funds are available to be drawn down. Funding is generally provided by a number of Lenders, via the Lending Marketplace, although we also have Whole Loan Lenders who may, as the name suggests, fund the whole of the loan facility.

Stage 6

Should you have applied for bridging finance then, subject to the steps described in Stage 5, you will receive your funds in full on the date you request. Whereas, if you are developing a property you will be able to request funds no more than once a month and in accordance with work that has been carried out, as verified by one of our appointed Surveyors and subject to credit approval, and the drawdown request being fully funded via the Lending Marketplace.

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