At Invest & Fund, our Borrower auctions are eligible to lend to via an individual’s SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension).

What is a SIPP?

A Self-Invested Personal Pension, or ‘SIPP’, is a form of pension plan that allows complete freedom over where its owner’s money is invested or lent, with certain tax benefits available.

Using a SIPP to lend through P2P Lending platforms such as Invest & Fund allows interest to be earned tax-free. As the Lender, you have complete flexibility as to which Borrowers you would like to lend to, based on your risk preferences and desired return. We work closely with SIPP providers to ensure that the terms around lending are clear.

Before making a decision about the distribution of your SIPP, you should ensure that you have sufficient information to ascertain the legal, financial and tax consequences of an investment to enable you to make an informed investment decision.

If you would like some more information about how to use your SIPP to lend through Invest & Fund, please feel free to contact us.

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